In every sense magnificent…

Ambiance of India invites you to come and enjoy 5-star Indian cuisine in an authentic Indian atmosphere.  As in the name of the restaurant, you’re dining experience will be like a trip to India. Our dining room is like a living work of art: replete with handmade furnishings amidst a beautiful décor showcasing the sights, sounds and scents of the finest of Indian society.   Relaxed and pampered by our attentive staff, you’ll think yourself transported into a luxurious, exclusive club in the heart of Mumbai.

Special kitchen for Clay Oven with a nice view for our guests…

We have created a spot in the middle of the restaurant with three clay ovens in such a way so that our guests can view their meal being prepared.

Tandoor is amazing equipment which is centuries old traditional method of cooking in northern part of India. Food is cooked from the uniformly balanced heat of the clay.

At Ambiance of India you will escape the mundane and enter the exceptional.



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